Avril Lavigne


Full Name : Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley

Place and date of Birth : 27 September 1984,Kanada

Work : Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Model

Years Active : 1999- Now

Avril Fans Name : Black star 

Avril Lavigne was born in a small town, Belleville, Ontario. Avril in singing ability has been known since he was 2 years old, when his mother said that Avril has started to sing religious songs at church.

When Avril before the age of 16 years, he was listed by Ken Krongard, the artists and journalists, representatives from the record company Arista. Ken invited Antonio “L.A.” Reid to listen to the song Avril disebuah recording studio owned by Peter Zizzo in New York. Avril subsequent contract complements her first album, Let Go.

Family : John Lavigne (father) | Judy Lavigne (mother) | Matt Lavigne (older brother) | Michelle Lavigne (younger sister). -by wikipedia-

Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne reveals her fifth album. He said that if this album is more artistic than previous albums.
The singer who soared through the song Skater Boy also revealed the struggle to convince the label. Because this time he did not attempt to record a great song on the radio.

Regarding the lyrics, Avril also change the scope of the theme. He reduces the lyrics of the theme of relationships and romance.

“This time around the song does not tell you about a relationship and a man. I just wanted to write songs and make something more artistic. Want it and I refuse to write a hit song on the radio-friendly,” he said.

Can not wait for the new album Avril? Just wait for the month of September. Previous refer first single titled Here’s To Never Growing Up. (by. KapanLagi.com)


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